Pasta in a spicy tomato sauce

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Milking in the morning after should be relaxed
Squeeze and squeezed no heartfelt
Here comes another lonely day
A flowing river of illusion running with confusion
In the pouring rain.

The secrets never end
A voyage of no return
Through cold dark waiting days,
Whispering in your ear without a sound, a moving stream
that is floating never gone

Am I awake or do I dream, there’s nothing that is in between
scapping my days
Hold on
Never stray far from the boundaries of my mind
So free my mind, That I’ve got

Escaping the dreams
To break our thoughts lost myself
A million pieces floating far away
Lost in the Milky Way

They think skydiving is reckless, life is short, give it try at least one’s in a lifetime and you feel we are nothing on the horizon.
The doctors said we’d do nothing but eat vegetables and exercise all day,
No Bourbon and Martini
No Barbeque and Lobsters
No fast food Assasin
It’s all yours
We all have Destiny!



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